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Farmington Gardens

At first glance Farmington Gardens seems more like a setting from the pages of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden, than a modern reception facility with all the amenities necessary to fulfill the most lavish ambitions of today’s bride.


About a year to the day after opening their doors, the newly revamped Farmington Gardens approached us wanting a newly revamped website to match the high quality and attention to detail that today’s bride demands.

We knew that we needed to create a site that was as beautiful as the grounds themselves at this premier New England wedding and banquet facility.

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fig. 1.1 - Farmington Gardens Homepage

More Than Just A Wedding Facility

One of the points that Farmington Gardens wanted to highlight most was that they are not just a wedding facility. Farmington Gardens can accommodate all kinds of special occasions including corporate events, social events, civic events, and even short term Bereavement services.

We made sure to highlight this fact using call-outs right on the homepage that take you to the specific parts of the site for what ever event you may be looking to book.

Not to be overlooked are the grounds at Farmington Gardens - they're gorgeous! We incorporated lots of photography splashed throughout the site to show this off. Of course, this is all easily managed on the back-end.

The Bridal Menus

The food at Farmington Gardens is amazing. I have had the pleasure to eat there for several events now and I can't say enough about it.

The menu is always changing and the Chabot family needed an easy and efficient way to keep it up to date. They also have a PDF version that is printable from the site and printed on beautiful stationary on location.

We built the entire back-end of the site using ExpressionEngine which allows the Chabot family to manage and update every page on their site with ease.

To build out the complex Food and Beverage menu system we used the Matrix add-on by Pixel & Tonic. This allows for ease of updating the ever changing menus and will replicate across the entire site. Easy.

Let's eat!


​By now you have figured out that Farmington Gardens is a beautiful venue that hosts beautiful occasions. Photography is a central part of everything they do.

We set the site up so that every page would showcase a beautiful photo relevant to that section. This is easily managed by the Chabot family, and they can add, modify and update as they please. They can even schedule certain photos to display on certain dates - such as Valentines day, or Mother's Day, etc, specifically on the homepage sliders. Very neat!

We also incorporated a photo gallery. This allows them to showcase photos from their beautiful grounds, and photos from the amazing events that they host.

Of course, these days every Wedding and Banquet facility must incorporate Pinterest. So, we built that in too.