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Move Over Extroverts Launches New Website

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Move Over Extroverts
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Move Over Extroverts is a company based out of Watertown, MA focused on breaking through the mindset that only extroverts can be successful in sales and empowers introverts to use proven methods of growing their business in their own unique way.

Mover Over Extroverts wanted a simple, clean, warm, and welcoming website that would quickly make the user feel welcome. As a coach, Ashley wanted to be sure there were plenty of call-to-action opportunities for both her free and fee based coaching courses along with opportunities to engage in social media- and join her rapidly growing facebook community.

"The new site is a major step forward in growing my business and helping introverts from all over the world become better, more confident sales people and ambassadors of their brands and businesses," said Ashley Harwood, CEO and Founder of Move Over Extroverts.

"Sixjon took the time to understand our goals and our business and delivered an outstanding product."

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