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Attract Business Clients through Facebook Groups

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Use Facebook Groups to find, connect, and build trust with your ideal clients. Here’s how you can start using them for marketing your business.

You more than likely already have a Facebook business page. It's now time to leverage Facebook groups to grow your business and build your client base.

A few reasons why Facebook groups are an excellent place to get new clients:

  • You can reach your specific target audience for free.
  • FB groups allow you to closely interact with potential customers or followers of your existing business page.
  • Promote your products, services or content using Facebook groups.
  • Show that you are an expert in your field by showcasing your knowledge and experience.
  • Drive traffic, build your email list and increase your revenue through strategic use of Facebook groups.
  • Facebook groups allow you to network with other business savvy entrepreneurs.
  • Leverage Facebook groups and the connections made through them to ask questions about or even share best business practices.
  • You will get unlimited new clients from Facebook groups!

Use Facebook groups to highlight your area expertise and become known as a person who makes contributions as an expert in their field.

  • Post, comment, and answer questions consistently (at least two-three times a week) in your Facebook groups.
  • Continuously share high quality content (how-to articles, micro blog posts, tips, case studies, etc.)
  • Post thought-provoking questions revolving around your area of expertise.
  • Ensure that you are a resource for people and a network connector.
  • Show a genuine interest in others and their progress or journey and help contribute to their success.
  • Always acknowledge and celebrate others and their accomplishments and it will surely be reciprocated.

So what exactly is a Facebook Group and how do I start marketing my business through one?

Simply put, Facebook groups are communities of people who come together and connect over a common topic. There are an unlimited number of Facebook groups covering every topic from local politics, to online entrepreneurs, digital marketers, businesses, non-profits, and so much more.

Did I mention, Facebook groups are free! What better way to connect and interact with your ideal business clients?

In addition, the more you actively participate in Facebook groups the more you can easily position you and your business as the go-to-expert in your industry. This will help you create strong long-term connections that turn into leads and lifelong clients.

Join Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out

While there is seemingly a group for everything on Facebook (ok, there IS a group for everything on Facebook!), you should focus on only joining groups that are most relevant and will have the most impact on your business.

It's easy to use the Search field in the upper left corner where you can search by topic (ex: law firms), location, and even get as specific as searching for groups who certain influencers that you follow or relate to have joined. You can even search for the groups that people who have liked your page are members of!

For example, if you are in the vegan restaurant business and you know many of your ideal clients have tried a particular brand, you could type in“Groups joined by people who like 'specific brand here'” It's really that simple!

You can also search for groups filled with your ideal clients. For example, if you are an introvert who works for coaches, then search for “coaching” groups. If you are a financial planner who specializes in senior estate planning, then search for “senior estate planning” Facebook groups.

You can also go into the “Groups” section of Facebook, click “Discover”, and Facebook will suggest groups that your friends belong to, local groups, and other relevant groups you may like.

You can read the description of each Facebook group and determine if it is a good fit for you. Many of the best groups on Facebook are usually closed so you will have to join to actually see the posts.

Once you click on the group, you can read more about it and decide whether you would like to join. Then just click the "Join" button.

Most groups will ask you 3 questions – be sure to answer these with a bit of thought because they are how the group host decides whether you are a good fit for their community.

Get the best results from Facebook groups to attract your ideal clients

Here are some recommendations for getting the most out of Facebook groups when marketing your business:

  1. Start off by joining 5-7 Facebook groups. While you can join as many Facebook groups as you would like, it will be difficult to actively participate in too many. Choosisng a few Facebook groups where your fans and ideal clients are and posting or commenting at least once a week in them will prove much more fruitful.
  2. Be sure to read the Facebook group guidelines and rules. You can usually find these rules and guidelines in the sidebar or pinned to the top of the group. Here you will learn what the group will allow (and usually what it won’t) and do NOT violate these or you will get 86'd and banned from the group.
  3. Actively participate and contribute to the Facebook group: Once you're accepted and you join a group, you become a member of that community. Show up in it consistently, add value, provide tips, showcase your expertise, post thought-provoking questions, be a resource, and congratulate people when they have wins.

    In other words, interact with people in the same way you would if you met them at an in-person meeting. Get visible and get known for your area of expertise, and as a person who makes contributions.

    If the Facebook group has daily topics or questions, participate in them and get your name and brand seen by others in the group (especially if you can tie it into your area of expertise). Early, Always, and Often applies here just as it does anywhere else in sales and marketing.

    You are just getting your name into the Facebook group repeatedly and providing great content. People will start to remember your name, seek you out, and even start asking you questions. Over time, people will ask how they can work with you and you’ll start seeing a steady stream of clients.
  4. Share your lead magnets in your Facebook groups (always double check the rules to be sure you are allowed to). Once you’ve found some Facebook groups with your ideal customer and they have discovered that you are an expert in what you do (because you’ve provided such incredible value. Now it’s time to get them on your list! Then you can work on getting them to become a client.

    Look in the Facebook group guidelines for their Promo Day or Offer Day. The host will typically have a prompt with a graphic that is called something like Manic Monday, Free Fun Friday or Some Other Offer Day. Post your lead magnet under that prompt.

  5. When you join a Facebook group, please be a good participant and contribute. You will get the best results by adding value to the community.

Follow these steps and watch your ideal clients come to you from Facebook groups

When you follow these tips and participate in Facebook groups regularly, you will be amazed at how quickly things can happen in your business.

Not only will you get leads and clients, but – if you show up regularly – you’ll be asked to form strategic partnerships, get referrals, be invited to speak on podcasts and Facebook live interviews, and much more!